Monday, 28 September 2015


Here's my latest effort for Den of Geek: the Top 25 Shark Movies. It was a labour of love – who knew there were SO MANY variations on the humble "chomp" story? (I confess: Jurassic Shark only made it into the list because I started watching it and found it so unspeakably dreadful that the only way to salvage the wasted time was to include it in an article.)

Weirdly enough, I now find myself feeling quite fond – even protective – of sharks, although I'm still terrified of them, obviously. Think about all the other big fabulous predators in the world; lions, tigers, bears, even CROCODILES... they are all capable of being, if not tame, then at least amenable to human contact. Not sharks! But when you're a living dinosaur, I say you can do whatever you like.

Especially if you have comedy eyebrows. I LOVE this still from The Last Shark (1981)

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