Friday, 21 March 2014

Cute Overload

It's been a while since I delved into the fluffy underbelly of the internet, so I thought it was about time I listed some of my latest go-to vids for when a dose of cute is in order. Starting with this idea for getting cats out of shelters and into workplaces

I think animal shelters should be run more like libraries, so those who can't commit to owning a dog or cat can come in and get their fix, while the animal gets some extra attention. (Busy staff who have to keep the food coming and the environment clean never get enough time just to play with the animals.) 

The second mood-booster comes in the form of two baby elephants in a paddling pool; if only we all had their sheer joy. Also, why aren't scientists putting animal breeding to good use? Instead of creating dogs whose brains grow too big for their skulls, they could at least work on creating pygmy elephants we could keep as pets! (I'm joking! Sort of.)

And then we have the cutest puppy this side of a Disney cartoon: he has the squeakiest comedy bark I've ever heard, and closes his eyes on command. (But he needs a pillow!)

And of course, the incredible goats who can somehow stay on wobbly metal. (Since I once saw a bunch of goat kids climbing a tree, nothing they do surprises me anymore.)

Finally, a glimpse at what cats do when they think the camera's been turned off: makes you wonder what else they get up to when we're not looking, doesn't it?

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