Monday, 15 February 2016

My favourite movie genre: the Yuppie in Peril

I'm SO happy that I get to write for a website like Den of Geek; when I suggested that I could write something about "Yuppies in Peril" they said "Sure, go for it!" When I emailed a few weeks later and said "Um, it's gonna be quite long, and I had so many to write about I've split it into two, "classic" and "21st century" their attitude was still "bring it on". Ace! 

The first piece to be published is here: It's all about the 21st century! (And you thought YIP movies all took place in the 90s...)

The Gift: both the plot and the sexual politics could have come from a much earlier era

It took a while to write – I spent most of Christmas watching likeably trashy home invasion movies and erotic thrillers rather than repeats of Jurassic Park. (Oh, who am I kidding? I still saw it at least three times, and I regret nothing.) I also got to see some films I'd never heard of (most of them featuring Mr Cool himself, Samuel L Jackson) and even discovered some new favourites. Yay!