Thursday, 8 December 2011

TV: So much better than drugs

O hai David Attenborough nice to see you again

Has anyone else been watching Frozen Planet on BBC 1? Good old David Attenborough has been presiding over this spectacular series following the lives of polar bears, penguins and seals (oh my!)

It is one of those rare TV shows which makes the license fee seem worthwhile. I watch literally slack-jawed with amazement at the beauty of the landscapes and the incredible camera work. I have long thought that the cinematography in nature documentaries was the most stunning of all, and this programme is a perfect example. Why can’t every film be shot so beautifully? 

The work that goes into getting the shots doesn’t bear thinking about – and we get a taste of this in the ten minute behind-the-scenes segment at the end of each episode. The crew, sometimes consisting of only two people – camp out on snow, plunge into icy water, and float alarmingly close to hungry polar bears in order to get the perfect picture. Their dedication is incredible and I am profoundly grateful for their artistry and perfectionism, which I can enjoy from the comfort of my sofa. 

That is all.

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