Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Is it just me or is everyone stupid?

Trust me, I'm a politician.

Before you ask, no. I am not suffering from PMT. I’m just finding the news especially IRRITATING this week.

First and foremost, I can’t quite believe how the great British public has taken Nick Clegg to their hearts. Yes, he was blessed with a) the novelty factor – it was the first time we’d really seen him speak – and b) the good fortune to not be Gordon Brown. But... was I the only one who found him kind of phony?

Never trust a man who starts every sentence with “I want to be straight with you...” Nick over-emphasised his honesty so much it was tempting to offer him a job as a second hand car salesman. Insisting that you are the one to be trusted – “Not like those other two” – can only be convincing if you're not a politician.

Meanwhile, Gordon Brown waffled incomprehensively about how we should save money by spending more, to “invest in the economy.”

Poor old “Call me” Dave actually answered his questions pretty well, but it was Cleggy’s night. Next time we have the three of them on screen together, I would like to propose a drinking game. A shot every time you hear the following:

Anyone: “What David / Gordon / Nick isn’t telling you...”
Nick Clegg: “I want to be straight with you...”
Gordon: “It’s a global problem...”
Dave: “What small business, or big business, hasn’t made cuts....”

Any others that will result in drunkeness and hilarity?

One last thing – have you tried http://www.votematch.org.uk/ ? It’s a great little tool which tells you which of the parties your beliefs line up with closely. I found out I’m a total nazi.

Do it – with an open mind! You might surprise (shock / disgust) yourself.

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