Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Internet's Best Time-Wasters

Today I have decided to treat you to a round up of the best and cutest animal videos I know. You're welcome.

Let's kick things off with a dog singing along to Adele, and doing a pretty fine job of it. When the other dog tries to get his attention, he's all like "Dude! This is my song!" I enjoy his whole-hearted concentration on the music and the blissful zeal with which he throws his head back to sing. (Also, it makes me wonder - if dogs don't howl along to ALL music, do they only join in with the ones they really like?)

Aw, sleepy duckling! My favourite part is when he shakes his head in an attempt to stay awake. And the little whistling cheap he makes as if he's talking to himself, "Hey, look alive out there, buddy!" In the words of my friend Jasmine, "Sometimes I can't cope with how much I love ducks."

This sweet doggie is empathising just a little bit too much with his onscreen hero. To be fair, he does look as if his usual facial expression might be on the "sad" side of quizzical, but he's obviously paying rapt attention to the film and looking for reassurance. I move that we set up some cinemas for dogs and get the animal psychologists in to do a proper study of this, then maybe people won't look at me funny when I talk about it. 

This cat hitching a ride on the back of a ram sums up felines; if they want to sit on you, they will. Whether you like it or not. The ram clearly isn't too happy about his little passenger, but is unsure of how to get rid of him, and this amuses me.

For some reason this little elephant reminds me of Norman Wisdom in the old slapstick movies... he's a bit awkward. But a trunk is a lot to handle when you're newborn and you have no idea what is going on with your face.

The enthusiasm! The willingness to help! The smiley face! The big brown eyes! This is why I need a dog....

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