Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Babies vs Pets

There comes a time in everyone's life when hours must be whiled away looking at cute animal videos on Youtube. So without further ado I bring you some of the most intense encounters between animals and their small but unexpectedly violent sidekicks: small children.

This is very cute, even if the little girl is holding her kitten just a little bit too tightly. He doesn't seem to mind, even when he's picked up by the neck. After all, It's no worse than the squeezy hugs and the rough and tumble he's likely to have experienced from his fellow kittens. Let's face it, children always manage to poke pets in the eye and muss up their fur in the wrong direction, even when their parents are urging them to "be gentle." At least in videos like this you can really feel the love!

Dogs are total pros when it comes to the blundering hands of a tot. When it all gets too much, they walk away.

It's kind of touching how much this baby actually does LOVE the cat; laying her face on his fur, crawling all over him and forcing her affections on him. What's even sweeter is the fact that he is so patiently resigned to being clambered over, having fistfuls of his fur tugged etc. Personally I wouldn't let a baby anywhere near an animal with teeth and claws, but faith in this cat's sweet nature seems to have paid off. Aw!

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